Dress Code


  1. Any color (except red or blue) Polo Shirt - (3 button collar / male cut). Nothing is to be worn over the polo.

  2. Khaki Pants, Skirt, or Shorts

  3. A belt is required

  4. Jackets are allowed, but must have a full zipper front and must remain unzipped enough to where the top of the school shirt is visible.   (No pullovers are allowed; you will be asked to take them off and they will be confiscated if persistently worn.)

  5. Any style of dress or grooming which distracts from the instructional process is not acceptable.

  6. Hoodies are not allowed

  7. Backpacks, large bags or purses are not allowed.

  8. Blankets are not allowed.



  • Sagging pants are not allowed.  Pants must be worn above the hip bone.

  • Ripped, torn pants are not allowed (no more than 3 inches above the knee and no exposed skin)

  • Clothing must not be “over-sized” or “under- sized”.  All clothing should fit the size of the student.

  • Shirts which reveal “cleavage”, are see-through, or extremely tight are not permitted. 

  • Shirts must be buttoned at all times.

  • Shirts and blouses must be long enough to tuck in pants or skirts.

  • Skirts and shorts must be no more than three inches above the knee.

  • Obscene language or symbols, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, provocative, vulgar or other offensive messages are not allowed on clothing or jewelry.

  • Natural hair colors only. No razor designs in hair or eyebrows are allowed.

  • No head coverings are allowed. (This includes hats, hoods, & Do-Rags) except for religious purposes.

  • Boys cannot wear earrings or nose rings. No visible body piercing per NISD guidelines.

  • Girls cannot wear nose rings. No visible body piercing (exception earrings) Per NISD guidelines.

  • No red or blue items. (tank-tops, belts, socks, shoe laces, jackets, etc.)

  • Spirit Day (Friday Dress) is a college or school t- shirt or professional dress that meets A.C.T. guidelines

  • Dress code deviations will be discussed on a case by case basis with the administrator or designee and the student.

  • No blankets

  • No backpacks or large bags


Final decisions on the appropriateness of school dress rest with the Principal.

Dress code violation procedures are as follows:

Step 1:  Conference with the teacher

Step 2:  Conference with principal or designee.

Step 3:  Call home and removal from general population to the Refocus Room until student has proper standardized dress from home

Students are expected to be neat, well-groomed and appropriately dressed for school prior to arriving on campus.